Wooden Sky

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Wooden sky fra Loullou, laget i FSC- sertifisert tre.


Tips: Passer godt sammen med teateret og trelekedyrene fra Loullou.


Mål: 41-73mm. x 41-60mm. x 4mm.

The Animals of the forest are having a wonderful time playing peek a boo in the wood; bouncing bunny is hiding behind a bush, but her cute little friend the eager hedgehog is tiggeling her so she can’t stop jumping around - “there you are” cries the bambi to the sneaky fox who is waiting for the perfect moment to jump out.

While all the others are fooling around cozy bear is hiking in the big mountains always looking for new adventures - Maybe he is trying to reach the moon or even the stars… 

Use the wooden figures together with the Theatre and let your kids create the most wonderful and dreamy fairy tales.  

Wooden Sky is made from 4mm. untreated birch plywood that comes from FSC certified suppliers in EU. 

Measurements: 41-73mm. x 41-60mm. x 4mm.

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