Poster Loullou Little Cubs

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Vakkert bilde som skaper en ro i rommet. 

Produseres kun i et begrenset antall. Kunster. Christina Freiberg.


This aquarelle is a Real World depictions of The Loullou Universe. A fantastic universe where the sky's the limit - with inspiration from our organic line of sustainable toys the artist have imagined the essence of the fairytale that is Loullou Universe.

A Loullou fairytale exists in the midst of heaven and earth, the very place where dreams are made, but is now imagined as this beautiful, graphical piece of art for your walls.

The Aquarelles comes in a limited, numbered edition, signed by the artist Christina Freiberg. 

Loullou cares and want to leave as small a carbon print as possible. Thereforer this aquarelle is printed by  Øko-Tryk. Øko-tryk is run solely on windmill energy and only uses vegetal colors.

Size: 210cm. X 297cm.

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